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We make sure that we source from well run farms that are producing high quality coffee. We do not buy commodity coffee on exchange systems. Our coffee is sourced, tasted, ordered as green beans and roasted locally. We roast ahead of time for the consumer to enjoy on purchase.

Degassing is the release of gases from fresh roasted coffee. When you roast coffee, gases – including a lot of carbon dioxide – form inside the bean. A lot of these gases are released in the first few days after roasting coffee and takes some days to rest after a fresh roast.

When you buy from Social Roast Coffee, this process has already taken place. Unless it is a custom order, and you buy same or next day after roast, we educate our customers on the process of letting it rest for a certain amount of time.

Every bag of coffee you get from Social Roast Coffee has one way degassing valves and will degas naturally.

The best thing about all of this is, Fresh Roasted Coffee, is so premium when you get it so fresh. Coffee is a shelf stable food, but after time the fresh of a roast does lose its appeal in taste and quality. When you buy from us, you are getting the freshest roast possible.


Our Mission

We deliver the best coffee possible,
in the most ethical way possible.

Jeff Landis


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Jeff Landis

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